Makeup and Brings for our Shoot

Here are the deets on how to style yourself for the sister sessions. We're going for the natural bohemian look, some makeup but not too much, just enough to enhance your eyes and lips for the camera, but still have an earthy style. Please don't hesitate to ask me about anything at any time before our shoot, I am more than happy to chat about all of it. 


Makeup:  just wear basic makeup, with a natural look, curled eye lashes with mascara are most important. Eyeliner - brown pencil eyeliner (OR loose pigment eyeliner you put on with a brush) is awesome, and helps the camera define your eyes, just no liquid liner please. Eyeshadow is good if its in browns and matte natural colors (no glitter or shimmer). 
As far as skin makeup~ however you normally wear it will be good: you can either do a clean face without makeup or just spot touch up where needed, or you can wear foundation, whatever you feel works best for you. If you use foundation, try and use powder so there is no shine.
Lips~ Something just a shade or two darker than your natural lip color is good, also a wine type shade can be nice. Feel free to bring a few natural colored lipsticks with you.

Nails: natural un-painted nails for both fingers and toes. No nail polish of any kind. 

Clothing: All clothing will be provided for you, so wear whatever you like. If you have one or can borrow one, bring a brightly colored jacket, kimono, or beach type cover up too. We can wear these between sets.

Hair ~ the ideal is for hair to look as natural and wild as possible! If there is any question, err on the side of really natural looking, like you just woke up like this.

Shoes ~ Please bring any boho or earthy type shoes and boots you might have. Brown and black are good, sandals and boots. 3 to 5 pairs is good, or whatever you have. 

Jewelry ~ We will be decorating ourselves with flowers in the form of crowns, bracelets, and more. Please make sure to bring 2 bouquets of your favorite flowers to decorate with. 

Brings ~ Please bring two bouquets of your favorite flowers to adorn yourself with, any colors and style you like. Please also bring a headlamp or flashlight. If you have any of the following, please bring them to help us create a nice area to hang out in: tapestries, blankets, pillows, lanterns, candles, crystals, instruments such as guitar or banjo. Also, if you have any floral hair crowns, or hair clips, that look like they are natural live flowers, please bring those too. 

We're looking forward to this experience with you so much! Please reach out if you have any questions and We'll see you soon <3