Q. Is it fun to work with Ashli Hara Photography’s team?
A. YES!! Everything we do is casual. Working with us is like working with close friends. Our main goal is to capture your essence, and the genuine feelings between you and your partner, family, and friends. So while doing portraits, we guide you and we will also be telling jokes and making you laugh. Durring the reception, we will be a bit more invisible, capturing the dancing, emotions and fleeting moments between all of your guests. Either way, this is going to be a fun time. 

Q. Is it possible to photograph every single person at the ceremony and/or reception?
A. It depends on the size of your wedding. For intimate weddings and elopements, definitely yes. For large weddings, some wide shots we use will capture a good majority of the people. We will try to take pictures of everyone, however, we can't guarantee that we will capture every guest on film. We tend to focus on the bride and groom, and then family and close friends. If you want us to make sure we capture certain people, let us know before hand and we'll do our best!

Q. Who is actually shooting our wedding?
A. Ashli will be there shooting. She may also bring a second shooter on board, as well as an assistant depending on your wedding details. Either way, you're in good hands. 

Q. Can we give a list of moments that we want to have captured?
A. Yes! Let us know what is important to you to capture, and we will do our best to focus on the moments that are most meaningful to you. We find, however, that mainly focusing on capturing authentic emotions and relationships between people tends to make the best photos. These lists are good because they let us know what's important to you.

Q. How long will it take to receive our photos after the wedding?
A. We take between one and two months to process and photos before delivering them to you on a specially made USB stick. 

Q. Are you willing to hike to epic locations in the mountains to get photos of us there?
A. YES!! I am in love with nature and the beauty she provides. Natural light and epic scenery is my favorite and we are willing to go the distance to find the best spots for us to photograph in. If you’re down, we’re down! 

Q. How much is the deposit? When do we pay the balance?
A. The deposit is non-refundable, between one third and half of the total cost is due upon signing of the contract. We do this to insure the date of the wedding for you and, if for whatever reason, you choose to cancel our services, we aren't at a complete loss for the date. The remaining amount is due on or before the date of the wedding. 

Q. What are the deliverables and what will we receive?
A. We shoot everything in Camera RAW digitally. You will receive a USB drive with the finished wedding photos or we can deliver them to you over the internet in digital format or by DVD if you prefer. You are then able to duplicate, post to the internet, print and frame, or share them in any way you want!

Q. How does the editing process work? Do we get to give you suggestions of the kind of style we'd like you to deliver?
A. Editing moslty takes place in lightroom, where we process the color and tone of the images. We also may take out a stray hair or a blemish here or there. We do have a basic artistic style and reccommend that you critically view the photos on our website to ensure you dig the style that we tell stories. That being said, we would be so happy if you want to share with us your favorite photos so that we can lean in that direction when shooting and editing.

Q. We have several ideas and/or special requests for how we want the final photos to look and specific things we want photographed, can you do this for us?
A. Most requests we can gladly do! We encourage clients to be creative and give us any unique or fun ideas they may have floating around. We love to experiment with our work and any clients that embrace that make it even more fun for everyone involved. We may not be able to do everything, but even if we can't do something specific, it will still help guide us in getting the kind of photos you want. 

Q. How will you tell our story?
A. The main thing about telling someone’s story is that you have to listen to who they are first. We want to get to know you and find out what’s important to you, what you love, what makes you tick. From that place, you know we got you and you can relax and let your authenticity come out to play. That way there’s less posing and more genuine feelings, and we can make pictures that make your heart skip a beat when you see them. Tell me your story, lets create something beautiful together.